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No Crutches Holistic Care

The Friends That Help You Get Back On Your Feet

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Why Us?

Through personal struggles and a life changing event (that you are welcome to read about under the “our story” tab), I had an epiphany.  One that I knew of but always thought, “But what do I do?  I am only one person.  I can’t change others.”  

But, in our moment of crisis, I found my true passion and calling.  After talking to my husband, we jumped into this together because he is as passionate about it as I.

I realized number one (the epiphany):  that the biggest problem in this country is that we do not take care of our neighbors, or our own, mental health.  

Number two: I realized many just do not have the tools.  

Third, I realized that we cannot change others, but we absolutely CAN affect change.  And that by changing what we do at home, we can help change our community.  By helping our community, we and those we help can help other communities, our country, and our world.

So, why us?  Because we care.  Because we’ve been there.  Because we know the effects of stress, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  Because we know that with some resources, tools, and direction…that we can help.  And because we want to help.


No forum post or website comment should be considered health advice.  You are responsible for consulting a medical professional before trying any new herb or remedy mentioned in the website or any related forum. 

The information presented on this site is provided for informational purposes only, it is not meant to substitute for medical advice or diagnosis provided by your physician or other medical professional. Do not use this information to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or health condition. If you have, or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your physician or health care provider. 

The products offered on this website are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem,  consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment. Use products as per instructions and always watch for any allergic reactions. You should always carefully read all product packaging and labels. Always consult your physician or health care provider before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant or have a medical problem. 

No Crutches Holistic Care, LLC assumes no liability for any injury, illness or adverse affects caused by the misuse and/or use of the information or products presented on this website. 



Bruce Raska at Critical Focus Photography for the beautiful photos! All photo credits go to Critical Focus Photography! Thank you Bruce!

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